When you look at Avery, you think style. You think class. You think sophistication. And because she’s set in a boxed arrangement, you think, practical! She’s low maintenance. Sit in on the dining table, or on the kitchen bench. She’s also idea for hospital rooms as she has just a subtle scent, and you don’t need to hunt down a vase. These are some of the many reasons why we love Avery.

Avery’s innocent look is her best asset. Her pureness and simplicity draws people to her. She’s loved by many because of her natural charisma. She has never failed to bring comfort and peace to wherever she’s placed - be it in a hospital room, a living room, or even in an office reception area.

Avery’s unassuming look is also a wonderful reminder to find joy in simple things. You can trust Avery to bring a message of support, to symbolise openness, to inspire people to greatness and to fill souls with goodness.



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