Frequently Asked Questions Page

Delivery information
Do you deliver at specific times?
We do not guarantee delivery times. We do however guarantee same day delivery provided that you order your flowers before 2pm the day of delivery.
If flowers you order a for a business the flowers will be delivered before  5 p.m. the day of delivery period, if the flowers are going to a private home address they may be delivered up until 7 p.m. the day of delivery.  That said,  we will get the flowers out to the recipient as soon as possible.
Do you deliver on Sundays?
We do not deliver on Sundays except for Mother's Day. Every other Sunday of the year we are closed.
Do we deliver to apartments?
Yes we do. However, if it is unsafe to leave the flowers due to it being a security building we will return the flowers to the store. Before we return the flowers however we will call the recipient to see if we can organise another delivery.
Can we deliver to Mackay Hospital?
Yes we do deliver to hospitals. However, you must provide us with the correct details of the recipient that includes:  the patient's name, the hospital name, the wing number and name, and the bed number. If the person is in intensive and has just had surgery, the flowers you need to be left at the nurses station. Flowers to be delivered to the recipient just as soon as they are out of ICU.
Do we deliver to funeral homes for ceremonies?
Yes we do. However, we must have the flower order for the funeral ceremony one day before the day the flowers are due due to arrive, that way we can have the flowers delivered on time. We know most of the funeral homes and directors in town and when we get a flower order for one of them we know that it has to be there at a certain time and we'll do our best to get it there.
Can you leave flowers?
If we go to deliver flowers and the person that is receiving the  flowers isn't home we usually leave the flowers in a safe spot, out of the sun, out of view of people on the street, but visible enough for the recipient to see when they get home. We will usually leave the flowers as close to the front door as possible.
General website information
I have a promotional code for a product, how do I enter it?
It's super easy. Choose the product you wish to purchase, go to the checkout page, on the right of the screen you will be able to see the product that you added to your cart, then you'll be able to redeem your voucher.
How will I know that my order was successful?
When you have completed your order, you will receive an email from us stating all the information about your order. This usually comes within 15 minutes of placing the order. At this point you about it check your order. If there are any anomalies with the order that comes through via email you are most welcome to call one of our friendly staff to discuss the issue with the order. You must do this within 1 hour of receiving the confirmation issue so that we can change it before it gets made by the florist.
I'm pushing the payment icon and nothing is happening - what's going on?
If you are trying to push the payment icon and nothing is happening, it's most likely that you have not completed the form. Please go back to the form and check that all the information is correct, please pay particular attention to the date picker and card message area of the form as this is sometimes missed by our customers.Once you've checked the form go back to the payment icon and click on the one that suits you best, this should fix the issue.
Do I need an account to buy flowers?
When we built our website we tried to make it as simple as possible. We made a one page checkout system because we realised that people are time poor and that they weren't as easy as possible checkout process when buying flowers online. Therefore, you do not need to sign up for have an account with us.
Do you charge GST and can I get a tax invoice?
Yes we do charge GST and yes you can get a tax invoice. Usually, tax invoices are sent to you via email after the purchase. However, if you order flowers by phone you will not get a tax invoice, you will need to request one while you're on the phone with one of our friendly staff members. If for some reason you have not received your tax invoice, please call us and we will organise one for you as soon as we can.
Refunds - will I get one?
If for reason your flowers did not get delivered and we have established that in some way it was our fault for not delivering them we will provide you with a full refund. Once we get to the bottom of the situation, the refund will be given to you and usually takes about 24 hours to get to your bank account.
How do I place an online?
It's really easy to place an online order. Just browse all our products, find something you like, add it to your shopping cart, fill out all the form information including the card message and datepicker, enter your details for example your name, email address, and telephone number. Then click on the payment method that you prefer to use, add your relevant credit card details to the payment page, then pay securely now. That's it, it’s that easy.
Why do you need the recipient's phone number?
We need the recipient's phone number just in case they are not home or it they're not answering the door. It's only in these two a incidences that we will need to call the recipient otherwise the flowers remain a surprise.
Can I call you to get advice on flowers or general advice?
Yes of course you can. We welcome our customers to call us at any time to discuss a flower order that they may want to place, we welcome our customers to call us if they need assistance in choosing the right product for the right occasion, we can even help you write a message on the free gift card we give you when we deliver the flowers to that special person in your life.Whatever the case, please feel free to call us anytime from Monday to Saturday.
If there is anything in this faq page that you feel we have not covered you can contact us by email, by calling or by live chat, we look forward to hearing from you any advice you might have for us.