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What is a flower bouquet or bunch?

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A flower bouquet is a term that is used more commonly in other parts of the world but here in Australia we generally refer to it as a flower Bunch. A flower Bunch or bouquet is usually a collection of flowers and green foliage that are professionally arranged together and most cases are wrapped in special paper. Generally speaking flower bouquets or bunches are designed to be held in the hand and are usually given for Occasions such as wedding anniversaries or birthdays.

Historically speaking flower bouquets and bunches date back as far as 2000 BC or around the time of ancient Egypt.

We stock a large collection of flower bunches that contain an enormous array of both seasonal Australian flowers and flowers imported from all over the world like Colombian roses and oriental lilies.

What is a posy of flowers?

A Posy of flowers is generally a very small bunch of flowers as usually tied together with a piece of ribbon comma then make a small boutique gift someone you love and often feature as table centerpieces for weddings or functions. We stock a number of flower posies to suit all types of different occasions like our Bright Posy.

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What is a flower arrangement?

Generally speaking and a flower arrangement is a florist designed assortment of various flowers organised in a special box. The box normally contains a clay like substance that the flowers stick into, it also contains water and flour food and nutrients for the flowers to last longer.

Flower arrangements can be given two friends or loved ones for just about any type of occasion you can think of  people receiving flowers say in a hospital, they are particularly good for people receiving so I say in a hospital as they can easily sit by the bed on the table near the patient. Flower arrangements are also appropriate to send to friends or loved ones in workplaces as they require no maintenance and can easily said on the desk that they are sitting at, moreover they are easy to relocate and travel with.Flower arrangements are generally more expensive as they require much higher level of skill and time to create, and generally speaking flowers that are arranged in a box tend to last a little longer than if they are sent in a bunch or a bouquet. Flower arrangements are also quite popular for sympathy occasions where people send flowers to the home of the loved ones that we're close to the deceased as it's most likely that the person receiving flowers will not have enough vases to go around.

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