How To Show Your Flowers Love - and make them last longer

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Here at Mackay florist shop we value our customers and their experience with our flowers Beyond the flowers leaving our shop. As such with decided to create this flower care page so that the person you send flowers to can use this is a reference to to help them be educated on flower care. Even just a small amount of knowledge about flowers and how to care for them we will go a long way to getting more enjoyment out of the flowers for far longer.

What's the easiest way to care for flowers?

First and foremost the simplest way to care for your flowers is simply getting them into water as fast as possible. You can arrange your flowers in various containers around the house or you can put them into a flower vase, however whatever you decide to do you must do it as fast as possible and get them into water. The crucial zone is from the point the flowers leave the store the when you get them in water.

We advise adding water to the flour container to around about 5 cm above the stems and if you are able to we also advise using filtered water, water from the tap generally contains small amounts of chlorine and fluoride which may harm your flowers unnecessarily. Please ensure that the flower vase that you use has been cleaned before you put the flowers in, then you must clean that every two days when you change the water full stop cleaning your revised every 2 days will kill all the bacteria that builds up in the bars which can be absorbed by the flower stems and inhibit the water get into the petals.

Every two days you should also add some flower food, this usually will be sent with the flowers we send you and in both cases will be sticky taped to the paper the flowers are wrapped in. It's strongly advised that you had around about a quarter of the satchel that their nutrients are contained in every time you change the water full stop the satchel contains therein chemicals that help your flowers last longer and a little bit of sugar. If you are unable to find the satchel simply add quarter of a teaspoon of sugar every 2 days, or you can even add things like lemonade.

You should also consider cutting the stems every two days to, as this reinvigorates the veins that run up the flower stems and allows better access of water to the places that need it, that is the flower petals. If you are going to cut the stems of the flowers you should cut them at a 45 degree angle and cut approximately 2 to 3 centimetres off every 2 days when you change the water.

If for example you receive the flowers at work can make it more challenging to care for your flowers to give them the best chance of survival. If you received flowers in a box it will require very little maintenance as the box already contains the flower nutrients and also some water. However if you receive flowers in a bunch, which is most likely, it's important that you get them into water at work as well. If you're able to the best way to get them into water would be to find either a vase at work and had them into the vase with water or simply find a large glass and add water to that. Again the sooner you get the flowers into water the longer they were last and the more happiness they will bring you.

Another sure way to guarantee the longer life with flowers is to keep them in as cool place that you can possibly find in the home, we advise to keep the flowers away from any east or west facing windows has these tend to magnify the sunlight that comes in in the mornings and also the afternoons. The ideal place for your flowers would be in a room like a dining room. It's worth noting that whatever image choose to display your flowers in that it is away from any ceiling fans or any air conditioning vents as both these tend to dehydrate your flowers.

On the topic of displaying your flowers we also strongly suggest that you do not display them in your kitchen near any fresh fruit or vegetables, also your kitchen tends to get warm when you are cooking at night.It may seem rather comical to suggest not putting them near food, however it is the truth that food tends to exudes certain gases that flowers tend to absorb, which in turn accelerates the process of Decay with flowers.

If you have any further questions about how to care for flowers you are most welcome to give us a call or send us an email and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.